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• 11/27/2017

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• 5/17/2014

At a stand still. No queen. Now what?

I am level 40, finished all quests, all temples gold,  77 of 92 monsters. 220 of 276 stars.Whats the trigger for the queen?
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• 3/23/2014

A Clue - Bribe Slush Trolls for clues about Wendy's location

Anyone working on this, or completed it? 
I've bribed at least 20 trolls (which is a huge loss of dust compared to banishing) and I've been sitting around waiting on trolls to repawn. My only other option is to finish clearing the last island, which is taking forver without the troll income--I wiped out my dust stores planting all the trees for the quests (Saplings, Oaks, Sequioas, Big Forest Trees)  and buying the special buildings (world tree, mage tower, etc).
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• 3/8/2014

Dust Millionaire

So..level 40 since mid January..the XP is not moving at all..I have, however, managed to collect 1,000,000 dust..anyone else at this point yet?? I set it as a goal as the game got very slow...what to do now??
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• 3/7/2014

Fire Crystals

In the Spell Breakers quest it says to find 5 Fire Crystals in Volcano habitats.  None have appeared yet so exactly how do I get the crystals?  Maybe I need a certain creature in the habitat?
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• 2/18/2014

Convert Gold to Jewels

Is there any method for converting Gold to Jewels. I would like to get the Very Large Farms but can't use real $$
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• 2/10/2014

Lag issues in game?

So, I noticed over the last week that I've been getting some serious lag when I try to do pretty much anything in game, but it's most noticeable when I try to collect food, coins and magic. There tends to be a good thirty seconds to almost a minute between me clicking on what I want to harvest and when the game actually responds and shows that I've collected it. (Yes, this includes the treasure chest drops as well.)
I've cleared out my phone cache and all temp files, but that doesn't seem to have helped, so I'm presuming it's a server issue somewhere. Anyone else having this issue and, if so, do you know what's causing it and/or been able to fix it?
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• 2/8/2014

Tiny Monsters game isnt unavailable in my country so I cannot summon a Swan Maiden!!

Tiny Monsters game isnt unavailable in my country so I cannot summon a Swan Maiden!! What to do now?
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• 1/21/2014

help with Building Treasures quest

help, can't solve a quest named Building Treasures...can't find any of the pieces.Bold text
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• 12/21/2013

What happens if anything turns into a gray box with an exclamation point?

I know this is a very rare glitch in TinyCastle. Some players see a gray box with an exclamation point on some features (minion icons, nursery, building, etc.). I know it means the game is downloading its animation, meaning that if the game hasn't downloaded its animation, it is corrupted. If you do anything with the gray cube, the game will crash. Has anyone else received it? I haven't received this glitch. I don't want my zmey egg (even if I summoned it) to turn into a gray cube or an hourglass...
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• 11/3/2013

Hob Graphic glitch

I can see the Hobs clearly on the map screen, but when I go to banish them, their icon becomes a white cube with ! on it--and I can't see them in the right side window. When I select my fighter, and try to enter combat, the game crashes.
I've had issues like this in the past with other games, and it meant I had to stop playing or get a new phone with a newer OS. Is that the case here?
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• 10/26/2013

Rainbow Crystal

I purchase an rainbow cystal before I get a 3/4 part of wyrold tree quest ... And now in that quest I need to purchase it again, and that one that I have it doesnt count. Why? Can anyone help me about that?
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• 10/6/2013

Garden Temple

What does the Garden Temple actually do? I've had the quest do build it for a while, and I could drop it down, but it seems like a waste when there's other things I could be doing with the money. Granted 85K isn't all that much, most debris costs more than that, but what's the payoff?
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• 9/21/2013

Upgrading the coin, food, and dust banks

I just got the quests to upgrade my banks from the simple to the nice level, yet when I click on the banks, there's no upgrade option. All I have is the move and info buttons. Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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• 9/12/2013

Level 35 ****Warning spoilers****

I've reached Level 35.  Taking me about 2 weeks per level for the last 10, so its been a while.  Is there some sort of a payoff?  I cleared the fog with the a tiny proportion of my 600,000 saved up dust, cleared the terrain in a day with my excess money and cleared off the newly revealed minions in the same time....Is that it?  You receive 1 Gem (not really a prize when you can get one randomly in a cleared chest - however rare) and revealing the Queen's castle lets you view an information screen???  I'm feeling exhausted and decieved.  I felt like abandoning it a couple of months ago, but continued because it appeared there would be a payoff for getting to Level 35, but nada.  Not even a crummy quest.  Is it just me or has Tinyco not thought this far ahead?
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• 8/18/2013

Tiny Castle

I can't seem to unlock skull cavern or island 2. I am on level 18, have long since discovered the floating fountain but no path has opened up to the second island. I have not seen any fog and fire quest in my quests either so cannot unlock any of the island. Anyone able to help?
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• 8/17/2013

Unknown summoning result

I paired a cactus dryad and a cockatrice and got 15 hours 30 minutes and can't find anything that matches!!???    RANDOM
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• 8/15/2013

Leveling Rewards

I am at level 22 and can't upgrade my castle til 25 but is that also when I can have another farm?  Is there a place that lists what new things you can access as you level up, additional habitats, farms, courage keeps, upgrades on castle, banks, etc?  I found something like that on another game wikia that was very helpful to me when I started playing that game so  I could plan ahead and save up for the new things that would "unlock" with the new levels....THanks!
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• 8/7/2013

Who's the Evil side?

So, now that I've been trapped in late 28-30 purgatory the last couple of months trying to break 500k dust before I even hit level 30, I've had time to ponder...
I think we're the bad guys in this game.  We come in clear cut everything.  We scare off the native creatures to get their magic dust.  We then find some we can domesticate and then cross breed them to make them as nasty and tough as possible (mythical pitbulls).  After ruining the environment, we see that we aren't progressing anymore, so we replace the flora that we clear-cut by planting our trees and plants using the magic dust we got from the native creatures.  Hopefully we can get experience from replacing everything we clear-cut to keep our civilization going.
Sure, our genetically super creatures don't appear evil, but remember the evil forest creatures from South Park?
I think this game is the story from the side of the once ler from the Lorax before he saw the error in his ways.
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• 7/30/2013

New Creature pages

In Tiny Castle's recent update (version 1.1), all Garden and Forest Creatures are now able to grow to level 20. As a result of this, we had to find a way to change how we present the Creature information to you.
It has been slow, but we had a breakthrough tonight, and I am pleased to say we have a prototype for the new Creature pages: ta da! It's not finished yet, but here is a list of changes so far:

Added clickable crowns to top of the page, to act as a switch between information regarding levels 1-10 (default view for now, indicated by the empty crown) and 1-20 (indicated by the full crown).
Evolution times, healing information and sayings are now in tables (expandable with the crowns).
Food, earning rates and battle stats tables are all expandable with the crowns.
Added heading images to food, earning rates and sayings.
Bear in mind that, because of the way templates are used in Creature pages, there are some things that are not yet correct...

The crowns at the top of the page will be inside the Creature Information Box, level with the name of the Creature.
If the Senior/Elder/Ancient forms of Creatures are different to the Adult form, the little menu under the picture of the Creature will expand to include these forms.
We thank you for your patience whilst we work on improving the site for you.
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